The Racing course

Speedway – the term


Even though the term “Speedway” is mostly used to describe Motorcycle speedway, the sport we all love and respect, that is not what the word actually means. Speedway is simply the track itself, an oval racetrack with long curves at both sides. These oval tracks can be used for a wide range of motorsports, including NASCAR, which is extremely popular in the USA. The name itself is pointing to the main point of the track – here, it is all about the speed, and the way drivers handle their cars or motorcycles in the turns. Where NASCAR and other motorsports use asphalt on their speedways, Motorcycle speedway uses dirt tracks instead, so that they can slide into the turns. As we mentioned on the main page, the motorcycles used for Speedway does not have breaks, hence, it is important to know exactly when to start turning, or adjusting the bike into the curve. So, as you see, Speedway does not necessarily have to mean Motorcycle speedway, but usually, the term is used for exactly this sport.

No brakes, no gear, no fear

The headline above is the main slogan of Motorcycle speedway, and it correctly sums up the sport. There are no breaks, just one gear, and you can not be scared if you want to become a champion. Every turn is just another possibility of moving up a position, hence, the gas is the only thing you really need.

Everything is relative

Now, when we say that the race track is oval, it does not have to be a perfect shape. No, it could be a variety of forms, as long as the overall general form is similar to an oval. Some have variations called a tri-oval, doglegs, quad-ovals and D-shapes, as well as rounded-off rectangles. This is also important to remember before betting in speedway, since different racers prefer different shapes. Some may be brilliant at tri-ovals, whereas others are unbeatable in D-shaped racing courses.

There are a lot of different racing courses around the globe, some more famous than others. Here is a quick overview of the twelve speedway tracks used in the Speedway Grand Prix last year (they vary from year to year);

  • Friends Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, United Kingdom
  • Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Australia
  • Stadion Narodowy, Warsaw, Poland
  • Marketa Stadium, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Tampere Stadium, Tampere, Finland
  • G&B Stadium, Målilla, Sweden
  • CASA Arena, Horsens, Denmark
  • Latvijas Spidveja Centrs, Daugavpils, Latvia
  • Edward Jancarz Stadium, Gorzow, Poland
  • Matija Gubec Stadium, Krsko, Slovenia
  • Rose Motoarena, Torun, Poland

Millennium Stadium


The most celebrated and well-known stadium of the ones mentioned above is the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales (United Kingdom). This is one of the biggest stadiums in the world, with capacity of up to 75 000 people. It is used for a wide range of purposes, including rugby and football – so, not only Motorcycle speedway can be seen here. If you are a football fan as well, you can look forward to the Champions League Final 2017 being played here.