The Best Speedway Riders Right Now

Do you know who the best Speedway riders are? If you are passionate about the sport, you probably know who the top riders are right now.

This is an exciting motorcycle sport with a lot of followers. The riders are all talented and courageous too. This sport involves a race that can go as fast as 70 mph and it does not involve any brakes. If the riders need to make a turn, they let their bikes slide sideways in a move that is called broadsliding or powersliding.

About Speedway Racing

Speedway is a team-oriented motorcycle sport that originated in New South Wales, Australia back in the 1920s. The bikes used in this no brakes race only have a single gear. The riders go around an oval track in an anti-clockwise direction. There are 4 riders who each take part in the race of four laps.

Every year, the Speedway Grand Prix takes place in different locations around the world. Each rider that is involved in the race has to go through qualifying heats. In the British Grand Prix, the winner of every heat will get three points, the second place two points, and the third place gets one point. The one that comes in last will not get a point. The top 8 riders after the 5 qualifying heats will automatically qualify for the two semi-finals. The top two after the semis will then go to the finals.

Top 3 Speedway riders in the world

The 2017 Speedway Grand Prix took place from April 29 to October 28. It was the 23rd season where the best speedway riders battled for the 72nd FIM Speedway World Championship. The last season revealed the top riders in the world of Speedway racing.

Jason Doyle

The 32-year old won hails from Australia. He is a part of the Australian national speedway team. During the last Grand Prix, he got a total of 161 points, and that led him to be declared the 2017 Speedway World Champion. Before that, he has won several championships like the 2015 Australian Solo Championship, 2015 Elite League Rider’s Championship, and the 2014 South Australian Championship.

Patryk Dudek

This rookie is a member of the Polish national speedway team and has impressed everyone with his performance during the 2017 racing events. He landed in second place after accumulating 143 points. This was actually his debut season in the Grand Prix and this position makes him the most successful rookie in history.

Tai Woffinden

This British speedway rider landed the third spot during the 2017 Grand Prix with 131 points. Although he is the current captain of the Great Britain team, he considers Perth, Australia as his hometown. He was born in England but his family relocated to Australia where he developed his love for speedway racing.

What do you think of the best speedway riders based on the 2017 Grand Prix season? Will they come out on top this 2018?