Introduction to Speedway

speedWelcome to the number one place online to find out everything there is to know about Speedway, or Motorcycle speedway as is the official name of the fast-paced motorsport. This is your one stop for all the information you need in regards to Speedway, whether you want to start earning money on the sport or would like to compete yourself. We will tell you about the history of Speedway and its evolution, the sport is after all almost one hundred years old. We will tell you about betting in Speedway, and how you can secure yourself a stable income by following the best racers and finding the best odds on the different competitions. We will introduce you to the racing course and explain in detail how it’s built, where the different courses are located and how the points are calculated. Last, but not least, you will get to know the motorcycles and how they have changed throughout the course of history.

Speedway is an enticing, gripping sport that will have you following most of the races as soon as you understand the basic principles behind it. There are numerous races around the world every week, in different nations, different leagues and on different levels. All it takes is a bit of interest from your side, and some time to read through the in-depth information we provide.


So, welcome to our informative website, where we will see to it that you understand everything there is to understand about Speedway, and exactly how the sport came to be one of the most popular across the globe. With our help, you will get to know motorcycle speedway in a fun, straight-forward way that leaves no room for misunderstandings or wrong impressions. Speedway is fast, interesting and extremely action packed. Just to kick it off on the right note – did you know that Speedway motorcycles have no brakes? Yup, no brakes needed when you are drifting around and sliding into curves at high speeds. That is the main thing with motorcycle speedway, and the main reason for why adrenaline junkies love the sport.

We will do our very best to introduce you to Speedway in an efficient and fast manner, or, if you are already familiar with the sport, our duty will be to give you the best inside information so that you can start making good money off motorcycle racing in general.